REDPACK Brand Design is an owner-managed agency. For us, this means that the executives don’t merely sit behind solidly insulated doors on their own floor bearing the same name. It means that they are active, present and involved. Jointly we take advantage of every opportunity to use design to position brands with pinpoint accuracy. While doing so, we make the ratio of performance and costs transparent and reconstructible. At all times. And we guarantee you that we are going to supply you with ideas, but only ones that can be realised within the budget framework.

Utilise opportunities.

REDPACK Brand Design makes use of all opportunities to differentiate brands: by consistently incorporating all of the design disciplines into the design process – besides graphic design, using structural and form design, too. That way we create identification values for brands which truly set brands and products apart.

Create transparency.

From the first to the very last moment we work together, our clients are supposed to know what we’re doing. We obligate ourselves towards making our services transparent. So that the costs are reconstructible at all times. A unique instrument makes this visible for our clients: the REDPACK Project Cost Matrix.

Give guarantees.

Our clients can rely on us to present creative, new solutions. What’s more: That we know what is feasible and can be financed under given conditions and budgets to match.

To accomplish this, REDPACK Brand Design works closely with a network of packaging manufacturers, packaging engineers and both structural and form designers. The instrument developed out of that network is the REDPACK Competence Matrix.